For Priests


Any concerns you have as the shepherd of your flock are legitimate and real. Our advisory board has considered and evaluated every concern presented by Orthodox priests and written the following to help you understand our mission and intention.


Your Name? - You may have heard someone mention that your name is on this website. Your name is asked for in the member profiles to promote honesty and accountability. We also ask members to share their home parish name, city, and jurisdiction. We encourage them to keep their home address private. At some point in a relationship, two people may decide to meet in person for a date. At that point, the other party (not from your parish) may contact you to confirm the person they are going to meet is an Orthodox Christian in good standing. They are doing this for their own protection. The information you share about your parishioner is at your discretion alone.

You Can Browse - You are welcome to log in and browse whenever you feel necessary. We encourage you to log in and browse to help ensure a safe community. You may even see other clergy logged in doing the same thing. After you are done we can purge your data from the servers if you like. Just send us an email to let us know. If you think of any ways to improve the site while browsing, then please share that as well. We are always looking for ways to improve the safety and functionality of the website.

Other Dating Websites - Our laity are already logging on to other dating websites. This means they are more likely to find and marry someone outside of the church, and then likely to leave the Orthodox Church. This website increases the likelihood that our singles will marry within and therefore stay in the Orthodox Church.

Overseeing Relationships - You may feel responsible for overseeing the relationships of your laity. If your laity are sharing this information with you, then glory be to God. However, more laity than we may want to admit are logging on and dating without ever letting their priest know. Promoting this website within your parish means they are more likely to keep you informed and in the loop. Promoting this website gives you a chance to be involved and help ensure a healthy relationship.

Forum vs. Matchmaking - This is not a matchmaking service. We do not offer compatibility services either. This is simply an online forum of Orthodox Christian singles getting to know each other. All memberships and profile pictures are manually approved to limit inappropriate behavior. 

Against Dating? You may be against dating, but are your laity in alignment with your will? The real question is this; are your laity against dating? If they are dating, then this is the safest and secure place on the internet for them to meet others.

Protection - We have taken every measure of safety, include an explicit privacy policy combined with online dating advice to help protect our Orthodox singles. We have no way of making sure every member is an Orthodox Christian. However, we ask for as much information as possible to remove a large amount of doubt. By asking members to provide parish name, city, jurisdiction, and priest name, we are helping to ensure a safe and secure online community of Orthodox Christians who are under the supervision of a canonical priest. We are not able to run background checks because we do not ask for that kind of personal data from our members. Doing so increases the chances of identity theft and would still not guarantee safety. Also, all financial transactions take place through Paypal. We do not ask for or store on our servers any information which could be used for identity theft. 

Ministry - Although this is a for-profit venture, the genesis of this project was a heart for ministry. The founders, Dn. Finn (Adam) and Katie Roberts, felt compassion for the singles they knew who were having a hard time meeting other singles. The Roberts were members of different parishes in different states. As the world has moved online, so have many of the dating options. Recognizing the importance of marrying within the church, Dn. Finn and Katie wanted to help other Orthodox Christian singles. The for-profit structure was chosen for several reasons: legal protection, the difficulty of obtaining non-profit status, removes the need for fundraising, and it easily allows the project to be pan-Orthodox.